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Luxury Resort in the Philippines - A Dream Destination

The island of Philippines is made up of 7,100 islands. Philippines are blessed with unspoiled paradise, best beaches and various luxury vacation resorts. One can savour the warmth of turquoise water, the unequalled exclusivity and pool right at one’s own balcony. It is of the world's most sought after tourist destination. Philippines pride itself with refreshing island getaway and ultimate luxury living.

Famous luxury resort in the Philippines:

1. AMAN Resorts: This resort is situated in the beautiful Pamalican Island in the Philippines. This is a private island, gifted with nature's paradisaical treats with powder white beaches, clear turquoise-indigo seas, cirrus-streaked skies, and coral reef. The rates of this resort start from USD 700+

2. Buri Spa and Resort: This is another one among the luxury resort in Philippines Located in Batangas Channel inside Puerto Galera Bay. Buri's architecture is a modern and charming take on the traditional Filipino Bahay Kubo. Its rat starts from Php 5,500 +

3. Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa Resort: This luxury resort in Bohol is made up of 15 private villas and a relishing spa. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxing with crisp, cool villas, and exotic sea views. The rates start from USD 500+

4. Shangri-La's Boracay Resort & Spa: It is rich with sprawling grounds and secluded beaches this Boracay luxury resort it also boasts an impressive variety of restaurants and leisure facilities, which includes a tranquil spa village. Its rate starts from Php 14,000 +

5. Plantation Bay Resort & Spa: It offers one of the largest privately-owned waterways in the world, with a clean elegance of its colonial-plantation architecture. It decompress from life's pressures in the healing tranquillity of the environment. It is also one of the luxury resort in Philippines. Its rate starts from USD 150+

6. Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa: This is also another one among the luxury resort in Philippines. It's inspired by Santorini architecture on rolling terrain contrasted with the azure blue sky above and the clear water. Its rates start from USD 400+

7. Boracay Grand Vista Resort & Spa: It is the newest private luxurious resort and spa situated in the famous white beach. It is the only and first Resort and Spa that has a private swimming pool in all its 41 Suites, not only that it even has the biggest swimming pool in the Island. Its rates start from USD 120 +

8. Antulang Beach Resort: It is the first luxury resort in Philippine that offers private pool villas to the guests. Each of the accommodations comes with its own swimming pool, Jacuzzi and luxurious, spacious rooms are all decked out in Canadian pinewood. Its rates start from USD 55+

9. Misibis Resort, Cagraray Island: This resort is nestled with a lush tropical landscape, mountainous jungles, perfectly shaped volcanoes, beaches, and other inspiring natural wonders on the Pacific Ocean. Its rates start from USD 500+
10. El Nido Resorts: This resort is located at the north-western tip of Palawan in the Philippines. It has a diverse wildlife. Its majestic limestone cliffs stand guards over clear waters, with numerous species of tropical fishes and corals, and different species of endangered sea turtles. Its rates start from Php 8,000+
The Philippines always remains a safe and fun destination for all tourists. There is plenty of luxury resort in Philippines. One always looks for natural wonders, historical landmarks, tradition, arts, shopping, recreation and entertainment. Tourism activities still continue in the country's different regions, each of it with its own feature destinations and its products.

Beach House Philippines: The Best Place to Stay

Whether you are considering traveling to Philippines for the first time or planning to settle down there, you can expect to have a wonderful time as it is the most beautiful country. But deciding about where to live in the Philippines is something that must be selected wisely. Blessed with rich natural resources and fascinating landscapes offers a wide selection of luxurious hotels, villas and various houses that one can select according to his/her needs and preferences. The troublesome nature of living in the city force people to live with a peaceful life right by the sea and this why beach house Philippines is becoming very popular day-by-day.
Thoughts of living in a beach house brings the images of clear blue sky and beautiful blue beaches as this seems best for relaxation of body and mind. Apart from relaxation, living at house has some health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of living in a beach house:

*The first and the foremost advantage is the beach itself. At the time of lying on the beach, the sun improves the skin as skin absorbs chemicals and substances both good and bad and that is why care must be taken properly.

*Seawater is said to best for promoting health. When living on the beachfront property, one has the advantage of taking a bath in the sea. And thus, it has a great healing effect on the hurt hands and legs. The advantages of saltwater have been known to a person for centuries and have been noted to reduce infection and pain.

These are some of the advantages that are very common and provide a stressful life.

A group of college students can take a beach house for rent and can enjoy some really fun parties, and that too both inside and outside the home. On the other hand, a family can stay at the home to relax and to forget about all the tensions. Life by the beach is amazing with the cool wind blowing. Whatever one chooses to do all day and all night is completely his/her private business. People can own it or can take it for rent. Each of it has its own advantages.

If you own a big beach house then if you want, you can give some portion of your house on rent and that rent you get can become the source of an income for you. But not everyone wants to own their own. The biggest benefit of taking it for rent is that you don't have to give any down payment. A rental is the perfect weekend getaway.

Beach houses are truly extravagant. Spending a vacation by staying in a beach house will not only make one's vacation memorable but also give some health benefits.

Corregidor Island - A Fortress of the Philippines

Shaped in the form of a tadpole is the historic and beautiful island of Corregidor, located in Manila Bay, which played a crucial part in the liberation of the Philippines from invading Japanese forces. The island was equipped with various ammunition magazines and coastal artillery, and was the premier source of defence during the days of the war. The 6.5 km-long area constitutes four sections.

The 'Topside', which is the largest of the four, served as the headquarters of the army while a greater proportion of the artillery was found here. 'Bottomside', as its name suggests, featured the Army Dock but presently, the area is most visited to pass through the Malinta Tunnel which has become a tourist destination. Mountains are a feature of the 'Tailside' where the army managed an airfield in addition to the Navy's hydroplane base. Numerous war memorials and monuments have erected in honour of all those who paid with their lives. 'Middleside' comprised of officers' quarters, barracks and even hospital.

From the 23 batteries that were installed on the island, Battery Geary and Battery Way were amongst the more important. Battery Geary was assembled with 12 inch mortars and warded off many a Japanese shelling while Battery Way with its highly penetrative mortars functioned until it was overwhelmed by the enemy.

Remnants of these ravaged areas of Corregidor Island can now be admired when one embarks on a tour. Once having been a stronghold of the American and Philippine forces, Malinta Tunnel now provides guests with an audio-visual show of the events that unfolded. From the evacuation of the then head of state, President Manuel L. Quezon to the exit of General MacArthur, the tunnel is indeed filled with intriguing tales. The Pacific War Memorial dedicated to the joint forces that fought on in the face of adversity can be located at 'Topside', which denotes a rotunda complete with a circular alter. Showcasing a wealth of memorabilia, the Japanese Garden of Peace paves the way for visitors to savour its shrines and other photographs that pay tribute to the Japanese forces of World War II. The Corregidor Lighthouse comes across as an impressive structure that has now been restored after the initial bombardment suffered during the siege of the island.

On the lookout for a place to stay? Then the Manila serviced apartments such as those provided by Ascott Makati would be a good selection. Staying at a Manila apartment of this nature is sure to lead you to exploring the many marvels that constitute the Philippines, of which Corregidor Island reserves a special place.

Museums in Manila, Philippines

So many attractions are offered by this city include certain botanical gardens, national parks, beautiful shopping malls etc but the inspiring museums have their own beauty and are popular all across the Philippines. Every museum represents some historical belongings and those travelers traveling to many of the famous cities of Philippines love to visit these famous museums and for seeking enjoyment and fun utility they search for their cheap flights to Manila. Some of the well worth museums all around the Philippines are Manila’s museums and are a source of generating revenue for the local govt. as well.

Some of the famous museums in the Manila city which are most popular all around the city are as follows:
Bahay Tsinoy
The Metropolitan Museum of Manila
Museo Pambata
The Museum of Philippines Political History
National Museums of the Philippines
UST Museum of Art and Science

All these above mentioned museums represent a great historical background and traditional history which is quite interesting fact for all the travelers visiting through their first flight to Manila in order to explore this beautiful city. All the above mentioned museums have lots of belongings attached not only to Manila but also from different corners of the country and world as well.

If you are planning to travel to Philippines or any specific destination of this country then you should also consider Manila as a top priority hot spot and should book your discounted air fare and cheap flights to Manila in order to give a perfect touch to your journey to this region of the world. There are so many airlines traveling to this hotspot and are offering some cheap air fares for this destination as this is considered a perfect choice if you have decided to travel and explore the beauty of the Philippines islands which are enormously well spread overall the country.

5 Homecoming Tips for OFWs and Balikbayans

If you're an OFW returning to Manila, and wondering if you need to reserve a room at an airport hotel in Pasay City before you set off to your hometown, you must be looking for ways to make your return home more convenient. While conveniences comes at a price, it doesn't mean that it has to be severely expensive. Here are 5 tips to help you travel conveniently - without breaking the bank:

1. Travel shortly after peak season. Whether it's for plane fares or accommodation, everything is generally cheaper during the off-peak season from late January to March. A good example would be traveling home in February for a Valentine's Day reunion, or in March for your child's graduation, instead of trying to beat the Christmas/New Year holiday rush.

Apart from avoiding the crowds during the bigger holidays, traveling during these dates also helps you take advantage of various promotions from different airlines and hotels. Airport hotels with promo rates include Mabuhay Manor in Pasay City, which slashed 25% off their published room rates for visitors staying up to March 31, 2012.

2. Keep in mind that baggage allowances - and excess baggage charges - change based on the destination and the airline. For example, Philippine Airlines flights within the country, and select Asian destinations such as Hong Kong, allow up to 20 kilos of checked-in luggage. However, their flights to Caticlan only allow a maximum of 10 kilos of checked-in luggage.

That's not a reason to fret, though, especially if you're staying overnight in Manila to catch a flight the next day. Some airport hotels, like the Mabuhay Manor, offers guests free use of their weighing scale to accurately determine the weight of all their luggage.

3. Choose your pasalubong items carefully. Apart from avoiding the hassle of declaring items at Customs and preventing breakage or spoilage during transit, knowing exactly what to bring can also help you pack lighter. Some of the standard pasalubong items - bottles of shampoo and perfume, the occasional can of Spam - are actually available at duty-free stores or even in most Manila malls. For those items, you can simply set aside money to buy them when you arrive. It's even better to consult relatives or friends in the Philippines about pasalubong ideas before leaving, so you can buy something that will be better appreciated back home.

4. Ladies, maximize your handcarried luggage allotment. While the standard limit for handcarried luggage is a single bag that will fit in the overhead compartment of the plane, some airlines allow women to bring an additional handbag or tote. The extra bag can be used to store travel documents, additional pasalubong and other small items. Just be sure to place the bag under the seat in front of you, instead of the overheadbin, to maximize the storage space onboard the aircraft.

5. When scheduling flights, ensure there's enough time to account for delays.Flights may get delayed for various unforeseen reasons like mechanical problems, runway traffic and inclement weather. That's why its important to schedule flights at least 3 hours apart, especially when transferring from international to local flights, just in case any delays do occur. Three hours is usually enough time to allow you to fetch your luggage and transfer from one terminal to another, especially when switching airlines.

If you have no better choice and end up with a schedule that have flights scheduled 12 or more hours apart, then it's best to just book at one of the airport hotels in Pasay City so that you can relax before your flight.

Manila Promises Great Tourism

Manila the capital city of Philippines is the only city in Asia where Spanish culture is still found in existence. The flights to Manila are conveniently available and are therefore used by many tourists to visit the city. Manila was extensively destroyed during World War II when many of its beautiful structures and buildings were razed to the grounds. Some of the remains of the walled city Intramuros still exist and visited by many tourists using flights Manila services. It is also the hub of Christian religion in Asia and many religious devotees fly in through Flight to Manila. The city also possesses other tourist destinations which attract travelers of Manila flights from all across the world.

The cheapest flights to Manila tourists visit the Intramuros in large numbers. It is a walled city with many historical heritage dating back to the Spanish colonial era. The tourists of cheap flights to Manila come here to sightsee structures ranging from churches, educational institutions to museums. The 1863 earthquake also ruined some of its buildings such as the Plaza Mayor, the city hall and Governor's Palace.

The Manila cheap flights services are also used by many religious devotees as Manila is also a city of churches. Many old and new churches are located all across the city, the San Agustin Church being the oldest. Built in 1607 the church is the premiere religious site among travelers booking cheap tickets to Manila. Additionally the San Nicolas de Tolentino Church, San Francisco Church, Third Venerable Order Church, Santo Domingo Church, Lourdes Church and the San Ignacio Church add up to the religious significance of Manila among tourists using Manila flights, cheap and convenient.

The direct flights to Manila including the flights to Manila from London services also carry in many scholars and students as the Intramuros is also home to some world class educational institutions. Convents and church-run schools such as the Universidad de Santo Tomás, the Colegio de San Juan de Letrán, the Ateneo Municipal de Manila are centers with educational excellence. Also The Universidad de Santo Tomás, a private Roman Catholic university managed by by the Order of Preachers is another educational institution with repute. It has the oldest extant university charter in Asia. The Colegio de San Juan de Letran or Letran College set up in 1620 is also a private Roman Catholic institution. The Ateneo Municipal de Manila is another private teaching and research university.

The numerous museums located all across Manila also attract many tourists. Historical museums such as the National Museum of the Filipino People, Museo Pambata and The Metropolitan Museum of Manila etc are thronged by cheap Manila flights tourists. The flights for Manila are thus easy solutions to visit the various tourist destinations of Manila.