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Shaped in the form of a tadpole is the historic and beautiful island of Corregidor, located in Manila Bay, which played a crucial part in the liberation of the Philippines from invading Japanese forces. The island was equipped with various ammunition magazines and coastal artillery, and was the premier source of defence during the days of the war. The 6.5 km-long area constitutes four sections.

The 'Topside', which is the largest of the four, served as the headquarters of the army while a greater proportion of the artillery was found here. 'Bottomside', as its name suggests, featured the Army Dock but presently, the area is most visited to pass through the Malinta Tunnel which has become a tourist destination. Mountains are a feature of the 'Tailside' where the army managed an airfield in addition to the Navy's hydroplane base. Numerous war memorials and monuments have erected in honour of all those who paid with their lives. 'Middleside' comprised of officers' quarters, barracks and even hospital.

From the 23 batteries that were installed on the island, Battery Geary and Battery Way were amongst the more important. Battery Geary was assembled with 12 inch mortars and warded off many a Japanese shelling while Battery Way with its highly penetrative mortars functioned until it was overwhelmed by the enemy.

Remnants of these ravaged areas of Corregidor Island can now be admired when one embarks on a tour. Once having been a stronghold of the American and Philippine forces, Malinta Tunnel now provides guests with an audio-visual show of the events that unfolded. From the evacuation of the then head of state, President Manuel L. Quezon to the exit of General MacArthur, the tunnel is indeed filled with intriguing tales. The Pacific War Memorial dedicated to the joint forces that fought on in the face of adversity can be located at 'Topside', which denotes a rotunda complete with a circular alter. Showcasing a wealth of memorabilia, the Japanese Garden of Peace paves the way for visitors to savour its shrines and other photographs that pay tribute to the Japanese forces of World War II. The Corregidor Lighthouse comes across as an impressive structure that has now been restored after the initial bombardment suffered during the siege of the island.

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